The Facebook Affair

July 15, 2012

A Thousand Words Paint A Picture

Like I said earlier, JoJoGirl has posted some nude pictures of herself (and Levi) on her FetLife profile. But I'm not going to publish them. But I will post the comments I posted on the various photos, so you can try an imagine what the pictures looked like...!

“I don't think he needs the guiding hand ~ he certainly looks like he knows what he's doing...!” 

“big? beautiful!” 

“now that's a nice look ~ I'd love to replace the ball gag... I'd leave you restrained and just climb up there on the bench and fuck your mouth. 
Did sir do the same... or force you down onto the floor...?” 

“oh god, I'm hard again. (so much for my resolve!)” 

“please sir, may I moisten that ass for you before you have your pleasure with her?”
“have? I meant 'take'...” 

JoJoGirl Pops Up In FetLife!

After getting that Facebook email from JoJoGirl telling me she'd been so tardy on FB because she was busy on FetLife now, I just had to hunt her down! (Well, she did invite me to). Finding her was easy and I had a good perve at her naughty pics with Levi. Damn! BF has been busy on JoJoGirl!!

No, I'm not posting the pictures - bwahahaha!

So anyway, I quickly sent her a message and a FetLife friend request. She responded quickly:

I think I did very well to resist posting comments on all your pictures. And such lovely pictures they are too! I decided to comment only on the one that gave me an immediate hard-on.
Yes, your pictures took me right back to our sordid affair. I miss my JoJo, but I understand and appreciate that Sir owns you now. So I shall take my vicarious pleasures in watching your antics together...

Keep my cock hard JoJoGirl and we'll all be happy! ;)

~ JoJoBoy
Hey YOU! Will have to check out your profile! So glad to see you here :)

My pre-coffee brain didn't connect the dots when I saw your initials, and my Droid makes the avatars so small I didn't recognize YOU... tehe. I saw your comments and told V, "here's a raunchy one!" (in a good way). Then I saw it was you and grinned even bigger. So did he.

Now that you're my friend there are more pics open to you... perv away and comment away. U know I love ya.

Is (Michelle) still a "friend?" I'm dying of curiosity!

Off to work.

All my friends are gone - I'm down to zero! I don't know why, maybe because I have been so inactive for so long? The site has been revamped since I was last on (1+ years ago). I'm a total newbie here, so I shall be guided by you both on what I can do here (vis a vis yourselves).

I'm not sure if I should look at the 'extra' pics just yet. It's my wife's birthday today so I better 'save' myself for her. It would be a shame to shoot my load over you, and have nothing left for her, wouldn't it?

bwahahaha ;) xoxo
Oh how funny... Today is Levi's birthday too!
Yes save your load. She will certainly appreciate it. (TIC)
OMG - that IS spooky! ;)
(but I am sooo tempted, you look so hot Ms Thang)

May 03, 2012

"And if she’s texting, she’s probably telling her friends you’re a loser.”

(stolen from here)

First-date small talk is a minefield of treacherous topics. Parents? Divorced. Exes? She’s comparing you to them right now. Penthouse Pet Martina Warren helps you navigate the tricky terrain.
By Jonathan Ages
“Be yourself. But it doesn’t hurt to loosen up by having a couple of drinks beforehand. Just don’t get too drunk.”
“Don’t spark conversation with a standard line. Be spontaneous; make some witty comment about some-thing. Asking about her day may seem like you’re not trying hard, but it works for me. Maybe I’m just easy.
“But there’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t let the girl talk. It makes me want to never see him
again. And definitely don’t go on and on about work. Keep your response to a minute or two and then say, ‘That’s enough about me. What do you do?’ ”
“Compliment her, but play it cool and say something casual and off the cuff, like, ‘I like your dress.’ Definitely don’t say, ‘Wow, you’re hot!’ What’s she supposed to say to that? Plus, it’ll make you look desperate—especially if you’re staring at her boobs.”
“A lull in conversation can be good or bad, depending on how well the date is going. In general, keep the
conversation flowing. You can always fall back on, ‘How’s your wine?’
“Then again, recognize when it’s a nice, relaxing quiet. Figure it out from her facial expressions and body language. Just beware if she’s looking for the nearest exit.”
“Look into her eyes, but don’t make it seem like you’re staring into her soul. Find a good balance of looking at her and looking around the room. And don’t stare at some other girl as if you’re setting up a backup plan.”
“Ex-girlfriends are a totally out-of-bounds topic on a first date. You will not come across as the sensitive type. She’s going to wonder if you got dumped, and think there’s something wrong with you.”
“Family is a dangerous topic to discuss, but I think it’s safe to ask if she has siblings. Act empathetic if she says anything bad, and don’t ask if her sister is hot. It’s even worse to ask if her mom is hot. We all know it’s a cheap trick to find out what we’re going to look like when we get old.”
“You can answer the phone, but keep it brief. There’s nothing worse than sitting aimlessly while some guy is chatting with his buddy on the phone about the football game. And if she’s texting constantly, that’s not a good sign. She’s probably telling her friends you’re a loser.”

April 03, 2012

How To Have Sex Like A Pornstar

(Stolen from here)

Penthouse Pet Brea Lynn reveals what you need to know to succeed at porn-star-style sex.
“Anywhere you’re comfortable having sex-living room, pool-go for it. I always find good places, but I like to keep it to the bedroom. There are fewer painful things that could happen there. Like, if you do it in the grass, you could have an allergic reaction; and in the shower, you might knock over a razor and step on it. Plus, in the bedroom you can have all your goodies right there in a drawer. The living room works well, too, but don’t leave any weird stains.”
“I don’t think setting the scene is the best way to have good sexual relations. It’s not a turn-on to pull back from a kiss and say, ‘Hold on, I’ve got to put on some Barry White.’ If you’ve already started hooking up, then just go with it. Otherwise you’ll have to set the mood again. And while you’re hunting through your drawer for a lighter as she sits there naked, tapping her fingers, she might just be like, ‘Let’s just turn on SportsCenter and see this week’s bloopers.’ ”
“Some girls lie there like a dead fish. But maybe that gives you license to bend her like a pretzel. Go with whatever feels best for you. And if you saw a hot position in an adult film, throw her over the side of the bed and go for it! You’re not going to stop in the middle and say, ‘Hey, do you mind …?’ It’s sex; it’s not meant to be polite.”
“But it’s not a pleasant surprise to go backdoor on a girl. Set the guidelines beforehand: ‘Do you mind your hair being pulled? Do you mind if I spank you?’ Then go for it.”
“Some girls are naturally loud; some are quiet. It’s easy to make sure she’s loud-if you’re doing something that’s making her get louder, keep doing it. The guy should make some sounds, too, but don’t groan to the point where you’re louder than her. I used to date this guy who made obnoxious sounds when we were only kissing. I didn’t even want to know what he was going to be like in bed.”
“There’s this hype that porn-star sex is the best-but it’s acting. And a lot of the sex isn’t done for comfort; it’s what looks good on camera. Go with what feels best to you, not what you see on film that looks good-unless, of course, people are watching you.”
“In a video, they can edit it out if the girl falls off the bed when the couple switches positions. At home, there’s no way to do it seamlessly. I once had sex with the lights out and fell off the bed when we were changing positions. It scared the mood right out of me. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I almost died!’ If you make a big deal, it’s hard to continue. Make a joke about it and just keep going.”

March 26, 2012

JoJoBoy is so helpful - Part 3

(click here Part 1 and Part 2)

JoJoGirl  posted 14 pics from her pin-up shoot with Levi to her FB page today. She looks gorgeous, but I can't post them here because then you might identify her personally. Since all my blog posts are published 12months after the fact I guess I've got a little time to decide whether to just publish and be damned, or crop her face out...

(insert pic here?)

And if she took any naughty ones I haven't seen 'em yet! ;)

March 23, 2012

JoJoBoy is so helpful - Part Two

I offered a (sincere and genuine) suggestion to Levi and JoJoGirl last week, and the results were immediate! This is what JoJo posted on her FB wall today:

"Had a fantastic 'getaway weekend' in St. Louis... Levi surprised me with a pin-up girl-themed photo shoot! Hopefully will have pics to post in the next week"

HaHa - I await the pics! Let's hope there are some naughty ones... ;)

March 09, 2012

JoJoBoy is so helpful

I sent an email (via Facebook) to both JoJoGirl and Levi today:

    I just saw the Annie Leibowitz exhibition in Sydney at the weekend, and was reminded of how good your photography was JoJoGirl. But what about your skills Levi? When can I expect to see a submission in here of MsJ? (please tag/alert me if/when you do)
  • We need help narrowing down submissions for our Star Maker Program. A ton will be posted here and as we get some consensus on images that *must* be inlcluded in an issue, we'll add that model to the Star Maker section of our store. The overall idea: One...See More
    Photos: 45